The World’s First Commercial Self Cleaning Vacuum and Mopping Robot

DUST-E CX utilizes fully autonomous technology to provide powerful floor cleaning capability

Unique Advantages

A step above the

Utilizing the world’s first self-cleaning mopping module, DUST-E CX delivers a powerful clean in the toughest commercial settings. Designed to be completely autonomous, the robot comes with an integrated base station that can automatically change out the water and dust bin every hour.

Automatic water

Automatically pumps out waste water and replenishes with clean water.

Automatic dust

Automatically pulls out dirt and debris that has been gathered during cleaning.


Automatically returns to the base station to re-charge.

Super cleaning efficiency

DUST-E CX is able to thoroughly clean over 10,000 square feet on a single charge. Wide compatibility with different floor materials.

Special polymer material sponge roller

Super water absorbent, stubborn stains can be wiped clean without harming the floor.

  • Quickly cleans dirt off the sponge roller 60 times a minute.
  • Automatic pressurization increases friction between the roller and the floor to remove stubborn stains.
  • Built in 16W UV lamp provides medical grade disinfection.

Smart app one-key control

Easy-to-use APP allows users to set different zones and cleaning schedules. The APP also provides real time robot status information at a glance.

  • Customize cleaning times and automate tasks.
  • A "virtual wall" can be set to prevent entry into certain areas.
  • Designate different zones and customize cleaning parameters.

“#” Shape intelligent path planning

For key zones, additional secondary cleaning tasks can be set on the APP ensuring more attention is dedicated to dirtier areas.

  • Easy to operate, the status of the robot is clear at a glance.
  • Ensure a safe distance for the robot.
  • If the task is interrupted, the robot will continue cleaning from where it left off.

Component Specifications

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